Spähpanzer 2 (8x8) «Luchs»

Bundeswehr Spähpanzer 2 Luchs

En 1975, la Bundeswehr allemande received new Mercedes Benz 8-wheeled armoured amphibious reconnaissance véhicules which were deployed in light armoured reconnaissance patrols of two véhicules each. Spähpanzer Luchs is a sophisticated véhicule avec all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, forward et reverse driving positions, puncture resistant tires. The véhicule is armed avec a turreted 20 mm Autocannon which fires a selection of armour piercing solid shot, hollow-charge, tracer, et high-explosive rounds up to an effective range of 2000 meters. The petrol/diesel powerplant de cet véhicule is practically inaudible, even at very close range. This editor has been approached by two Luchs during night operations, et the only sound was that of dry branches breaking under their tires when the véhicules were approximately 10 m away. On maneuvers, when SpPz Luchs are in the vicinity, sleeping on the ground is permitted in designated et clearly marked areas only.

The Luchs is a descendant of the Sd.Kfz. 234 series d'automitrailleuses lourdes which served dans la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Like its predecessors, the Luchs may back out of a dangerous situation at top speed. The radio operator's compartment in the rear hull section is a fully equipped reverse driving position, facing backward, et he may override the controls du conducteur when the situation warrants it.

Maquettes disponibles

  • Spähpanzer 2 (totive), 1/87 ROCO 266
  • Spähpanzer 2 (totive), 1/285 GHQ N71
  • Spähpanzer 2 (totive), 1/300 Heroics & Ros GM06
  • Spähpanzer 2, 1/35 Revell 03036
  • Spähpanzer 2, 1/72 Revell
  • Spähpanzer 2, 1/87 ROCO 453

Spécifications Techniques

  • Spähpanzer Luchs – Armoured Amphibious Reconnaissance Véhicule
  • Moteur: 10-cylinder diesel/petrol engine, 287 kW
  • Steering: all-wheel drive et steering, propeller-driven in water
  • Vitesse: 90 km/h sur route (100 km/h, early SpPz 2), 11 km/h in water
  • Autonomie: 730 km (800 km, early SpPz 2)
  • Longueur: 7340 mm
  • Largeur: 2980 mm
  • Hauteur: 2500 mm
  • Poids: 19500 kg (19000 kg, early SpPz 2)
  • Armement: 20 mm Cannon (800-1000 coups/min, effective range 2000 m), MG 3
  • Équipage: chef de char, conducteur, tireur, radio-pourvoyeur (conducteur arrière)
  • Production: 1975-


Déploiement Historique

  • Leichter Panzerspähtrupp - 2 Spähpanzer Luchs

Spähpanzer Luchs is a superb armoured reconnaissance véhicule avec exceptional driving et fighting characteristics. Luchs is deployed in light armoured recon patrols of two véhicules each, which serve alongside heavy patrols consisting of trois chars de combat Leopard 2.

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